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Operator Potential


Operator Potential

Current autonomous systems require continuous connection, operator oversight, and bulky equipment to manage them.

Breaker makes autonomous systems scalable by enabling a single operator to deploy and manage autonomous systems with auditable decision making and communication over natural language.

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Breaker has developed SAGE, an advanced autonomy software platform that enables autonomous systems to behave as if they had a human operator.

Enabling drones to understand nuance and context as if they had a tiny pilot inside. Or a ground vehicle to be so intelligent that people think it has an onboard driver.

What makes SAGE exceptional is its ability to decentralize intelligence, enabling one operator to control multiple assets while staying fully engaged.

Audit all onboard decisions

Every action taken by a SAGE autonomous systems is transparent and traceable, ensuring the highest level of operational governance.

Providing a clear understanding of system actions, enhancing control and accountability in critical operations.

Talk to your robot over radio using natural language

With SAGE, you can communicate with robots in natural language over the radio, fostering seamless human-robot interaction.

The technology enables robots to understand context and nuance, making communication with them as easy as talking to a colleague.

Don’t be limited by your network

SAGE eliminates the reliance on extensive network infrastructure. This means you're no longer limited by complex network requirements, offering more flexibility and adaptability.

SAGE achieves this by placing all intelligence on the edge.

Breaker Defense

The world is evolving at a rapid pace and so is the field of AI and autonomy At Breaker we have the confidence and expertise to tackle real problems that other companies can t Our team is dedicated to making a difference in defense technology

Where Autonomy Really Counts

Warden ISR

An autonomous UAS that can allow a user to command and query with natural language over the radio.

AI Pilot

A dual-use software product that allows large autonomous aircraft to communicate with other aircraft and air traffic controllers over the radio.


The Portable Smart Munition enables autonomous teamed strike capability with near zero RF exposure.

Fundamentally changing how robots and humans interact

SAGE's transformative capabilities extend far beyond defense applications. With its advanced autonomy software, SAGE can be harnessed across a multitude of industries. By offering efficient, auditable, and natural language communication with autonomous systems, SAGE fundamentally changes the way humans and robots interact.


Air Traffic Management

Fire Fighting

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